Brazil Consulting

Inforensys’ goal is to provide information from or about Brazil to help clients deal with their Brazilian matters either in commerce, legislation, marketing, business, geography, tourism or other areas as needed.

Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Strategic research
  • Information gathering
  • Market targeting
  • Local expertise identification
  • Translation (either written or spoken)

Brazil is an emerging country and a growing force in this global economy, it is changing fast and is offering opportunities for an array of businesses. Its language, systems and culture may be a barrier for a global interaction, that is where I can help: assisting you in navigating that universe. I am a native from Brazil and I know it very well, I understand how the information world works there.

In 1982 I entered to the Journalism field, it led me into the information business arena before the surge of the Internet technologies. My career in the Library Science field started in 1992.

In Brazil, I have worked in different information centers: Sao Paulo State University (UNESP),  Aluminium Company of America (ALCOA), Chemical Industries (Oxiteno), Sao Paulo Gas Company (COMGAS), Commerce Social Services (SESC), Brazilian Association of Real Estate Credit and Savings (ABECIP), Brazilian Movies’ Documentation & Library (Cinemateca Brasileira), Builders of Hydro-Energy Association (ACCE). My background includes teaching at public schools in São Paulo State.

In 2004, I received my Master Degree in Library and Information Science (MLS) at the University of Maryland (USA) where I concentrated my studies and efforts on the Information and Technology. My focus has been on how to transfer information across plataforms and systems.
Because of my Brazilian background, I will help you to find that missing data, that piece of information that matters for your businesses in Brazil. I will assist you in finding the local expertise and to understand and interpret documents.


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