Library & Archives

Inforensys will help you to keep your library up-dated and your data organized, taking care of:

  • Knowledge management
  • Information organization
  • Libraries management
  • Archives or documentation center administration

Tasks include:

  • Creating a system to store and to retrieve the information (knowledge management)
  • Indexing, cataloguing, preserving, accessing, and acquiring informational materials
  • Unifying dossiers or files, a complete information in one place
  • Purging obsolete docs, controlling duplication, creating a table for when files are to be discarded, what to keep and for how long, creating back-ups … making a file more efficient
  • Organizing digital data, migrating them to new platforms or systems. Creating a logical structure for digital documents (information architecture)

I been solving informational problems in libraries, files & archives for more than 20 years, providing solutions that will maximize the use of your stored information. My expertise will help you to preserve and to retrieve the important information when you need it.

I received my Master Degree of Library and Information Science in 2004 at the University of Maryland (USA). My bachelor degree, also in Library Science, was received in 1996. I have been dealing with information since 1982.

Keep it organized! Find it! Use it!


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