Medical Records

In order to make your medical records review process even easier and more efficient, Inforensys now offers a time and cost effective service for sorting and organizing the files critical to your case.

Let Inforensys take on these tedious and time consuming tasks with reliable accuracy according to your requirements. Our goal is to augment your reviewing efficiency in a rules based environment.

Essentially, it’ll work as your back-room staff delivering easily searchable medical files. Please consider these service options:

  • eSorting, Category/Chronology Organizing with Tabs and Indexing
  • Purging Duplicate and Non Medical Documents to a separate file
  • Bates Numbering
  • Embedding Hyperlinks for Instant File Navigation
  • Factual Summarizing
  • Robust Keyword Search Capability in PDF Files
  • Clinical Data Mining & Extraction of Critical Facts in Product Liability or Mass Torts.

Raw files are uploaded and completed work output is downloaded through a secure File Transfer System to insure confidentiality and security.

We so confident that you will find great value from this service that I’ll offer a free sample on one of your files!


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