Medical Research & Litigation

You can trust Inforensys for all of your medical research needs. Inforensys provides exceptional quality and state-of-the-art investigation for medical related information. It has been in the medical research field since 1999; it knows how to find you the best medical sources and how to keep you very well informed.

Specialization includes:

  • Medical information discovery – research, literature review, database searching
  • Information and up-dates on: treatments, guidelines, procedures, new drugs …
  • The health effects of drugs, chemicals or biological agents
  • Medical records review & analysis to fully understand the patient history
  • Causation analysis / Diseases’ etiology
  • Environment, Chemicals and Health: Risks and Remediation

Because Inforensys primary focus is on finding reliable and sounding information in Medicine, it will help you in your medical research cases. You will be able to sustain your case with complex information presented in an organized and easy to understand manner. The goal is to facilitate your work; we are aware of the proceedings and protocols that are common to the medico-legal arena.  Services are customized to fit your needs and budget.

Some of the areas Inforensys can assist in your medical matters:

  • Medico-Legal Investigation – Getting the facts for your case evaluation and strategy. Extensive research
  • Defense Strategy – Helping you to create a strategy for your case
  • Forensics and Expertise – Providing up-dated information to expert witness. How to cross-examine the opposite side. What is the latest research or its state-of-the-art in a given time
  • Product Liability and Drug Safety – What are the regulations and issues on a product or a drug
  • Laws & Court Decisions – Checking out how the courts deal with similar matters: Daubert, Frye, Havner
  • Case Management & Dossier/Files Organization – Keeping you organized in a easy way to find and present evidences to the courts or to your clients.
  • Evidences Finding and providing you with an accurate report of the evidences that you can present to the courts or to your clients. 
  • Drugs side effects – checking the literature for side effects reporting
  • Disease Etiology – what could cause the alleged disease or condition. Alternative causation.

Some of the cases and matters that we have dealt with: indoor air problems and mold, occupational diseases, lead, asbestos, dementia, diferent types of cancer, diabetes and drugs, arsenic and food contamination, multiple chemical sensitivities, memory loss, scleroderma… The list is extensive, the experience is solid!


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