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          Last updated: 13 Aug, 2022  
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          India.Growth.9.Thmb.jpg Eastern Economic Forum: A Grand Strategic Opportunity for India
          ANDREW KORYBKO (Source: IANS) | 08 Aug, 2022
          The 7th Eastern Economic Forum (EEF) will take place in Russia's Far Eastern port of Vladivostok from 5-8 September and represents a grand strategic opportunity for India.  
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          EU.9.Thmb.jpg Europe scorched
          Asad Mirza (Source: IANS) | 02 Aug, 2022
          The extreme temperatures witnessed in Europe during the last fortnight, are the results of our own making, and maybe this is a wake-up call for the humans to stop playing with nature.  
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          china.9.THMB.jpg Is China a threat or an opportunity to Russia?
          Dmitry Kosyrev (Source: IANS) | 26 Jul, 2022
          That was just another political talk show on Russian TV, and, to make things lively, the editors rolled out a question list to all the attendees: Is China a sincere and powerful friend to Moscow in the current crisis, or is it a very fickle friend not to be trusted?  
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          India.Growth.9.Thmb.jpg The current paradigms of Internal Security
          DC PATHAK | 18 Jul, 2022
          Security is essentially a combination of measures designed to protect the nation from the 'covert' offensives of an enemy. Security is not a one-time event as the threat scenario can change over a period of time -- it is also in principle to be regarded as a 'matter of degree' always open to improvement.  
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          IPR.9.Thmb.jpg Skills Enhancement: Way forward for Indian Madrassas
          Asad Mirza (Source: IANS) | 11 Jul, 2022
          Ever since their emergence, the Madrassas in India have persisted with a curriculum that has seen few changes. The fact that literally, lakhs of Muslim children acquire their primary, and perhaps their only formal education in these Madrassas where only literature and Islamic studies with a cursory knowledge of social sciences are taught, should be a matter of concern not only to their parents, but also to anybody concerned with education in any manner.  
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          Modi.9.Thmb.jpg Politics by proxy is disturbing internal peace
          DC PATHAK (Source: IANS) | 04 Jul, 2022
          The diminished opposition in the second term of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in office has stepped up its propaganda offensive against the regime and in concert with certain civil society fora in the country and anti-India lobbies abroad, tried to build narratives to project Prime Minister Narendra Modi as a practitioner of majoritarianism, authoritarianism and an anti-minority policy.  
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          IPR.9.Thmb.jpg Business Intelligence is crucial for corporate success in Covid times
          D.C. PATHAK (Source: IANS) | 28 Jun, 2022
          In the age of knowledge ushered in by the IT revolution, success in business is mandated on the corporate entity being well-informed about the environ around and committed to knowledge-based decision making -- the latter being the new hallmark of leadership, different from the past in as much as no one could claim any more to be a leader mainly on the strength of 'inheritance' or personal 'charisma'.  
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          bitcoin-thmb.jpg The Crypto Saga Unfolds
          Satish Reddy (Source: IANS) | 21 Jun, 2022
          There is no dearth of issues in the financial world with sharply dividing opinions. Please welcome the new entrant, Cryptocurrencies, rapidly emerging as the most prominent bell weather of the global economy.  
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